Tuesday, May 15, 2007

BREAKING: Bush Bringing Troops Home

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In BushCo world, this is how Bush envisions bringing the troops home, in coffins.

There are three main reasons (four really) why Americans want the troops home...

1) The war is lost.

2) Bush doesn't have the intellectual capacity to run this war.

3) The war is illegal in the first place.

4) My (insert friend or loved one here) is in danger and I want them back.

Or it could be a mix of the above.

But let's look at the reasons to keep them there...

1) Bring democracy to Iraq.

2) Thwart terrorism.

3) Oil.

If it is 1, then what is the level of democracy and stability that we want? Gaza Strip? Brazil? Sweden? We might be able to get Iraq to the stability of the Gaza Strip with enough money and dead American soldiers, but if that is our goal, is all of this really worth it? If you are going for the stability of Brazil or Sweden forget it, that won't happen at all, so why die for it?

If we are thwarting terrorism, we are doing a bad job. We have been fighting terrorists in Iraq for four years now and the level of violence is not lessening. If we were making progress you would think we could see it, but we can't because we aren't - for a million reasons.

Hmmm.... I am going with C - oil. I drove by one station this morning that was selling gas for $3.38... I really do think that is the real reason.

Note: Today's strip was reqested by MLW user jdellaro.