Wednesday, May 16, 2007

don't...stop...thinking about her morals

cross-posted at skippy and a veritable cornucopia of other community blogs. wants us to vote for hillary's theme song. they've provided a list of suggestions to choose from.

we think it's more appropriate to suggest our own nominations. some examples after the jump:

for instance, sammy davis, jr:

or some elton john:

or ace of base:

and you knew this one was coming...bruce springsteen doing some mitch ryder and the detroit wheels:

any other suggestions?

ed. addendum: the editors at skippy have decided to make this a contest! the winner who suggests the best song for hillary's campaign will receive a beautiful skippy the bush kangaroo tee shirt, size large, because that's the size we've got left in the warehouse!

so put on your thinking caps and get snarky! and, pls. leave the suggestions over at skippy!