Friday, May 18, 2007

Gore is on his way.

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Yes, it's more of Al Gore and I can't get enough. I had a better job, healthcare, retirement and on and on when Gore was in the White House.

This week Time Magazine has an article on his book The Assault On Reason, that will be released May 22nd, is reported to be a powerful attack against those who would destroy democracy for personal interests.

But that is not all, the New York Times will publish an article this weekend on Gore wherein he comes closest to saying he will run than he has in the past.

When I asked Gore why he hasn’t dismissed all the speculation by issuing a Shermanesque refusal to stand, as he did in 2002, Gore said, "Having spent 30 years as part of the political dialogue, I don’t know why a 600-day campaign is taken as a given, and why people who aren’t in it 600 days out for the convenience of whatever brokers want to close the door and narrow the field and say, ‘This is it, now let’s place your bets’ — If they want to do that, fine. I don’t have to play that game."

So let's see. A great book, then concerts and more activism - sure does look like a campaign, for something at least.