Monday, May 21, 2007

The Food Stamp Challenge

Originally posted at Howard-Empowered People. I don't know why I'm having trouble with the links to Ryan's web page, but if you Google for "Food Stamp Challenge", you will find a number of stories about it. And this is definitely worthy of wider attention...

I saw this in the newspaper at some point this week, and had Demetrius post a link to it in the comments. I meant to follow up with a front page post, but it slipped my mind with everything that's been going on. Still, I think it's worth drawing attention to while it's still more or less timely:

From Tim Ryan's web site:

(Washington, DC) Congressman Tim Ryan (OH-17) will participate in the Food Stamp Challenge, an effort aimed to raise awareness of the hunger problem faced by 38 million Americans nationwide, including 13 million children. The Food Stamp Program provides over 25 million people living at or below the poverty line with a means to afford basic foodstuffs.
Click here to read a Washington Post article about the challenge, and here to see Tim Ryan's blog entries about his experience living on $3 of food per day this past week.

Note: I spent 20 minutes this morning trying to fix the link to Tim Ryan's web page, and no matter what link I used, once I pasted it into Blogger, I got a page not found message. The link I use at the beginning of this post is a link to a Wikipedia article about Ryan. At the bottom of that page, there is a link to his home page, which works when I click it. Or copy and paste into your browser window. Thank you, Jessica, for pointing out the "page not found" error message. Wish I could figure out what I'm doing wrong with the link. I mean, I *do* know how to make links--why can't I get this one to work?


-Sepp said...

The governor of Oregon played this stunt too. It was a load of hogwash and spun in a way that you would believe that 3 bucks a day is all everyone on stamps gets to feed a family. Skewed data and outright lies don't make for a realistic picture...but, it sure does pull in the media during an election cycle!