Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Virginia Foxx (NC-05) Ignores Iraq

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I am pissed off and go to send an email to Virginia Foxx expressing my displeasure over the war. I know, a pointless endeavor, but I might as well pile on. I fill out all the required info to send her an email, including looking up my damn ZIP+4 and then I go try to select a topic, but of all the things she has as a topic for - animals, health, pension, the Iraq War is not on her list. War On Terror? Nope. Afghanistan? No, no one remembers Afghanistan any more.

How in the world can you be a sitting member of Congress and LEAVE OFF Iraq as a subject as an email topic? It is the biggest foreign policy goof this nation has ever committed, it is on the news CONSTANTLY, it is a subject debated in Congress every single day and it is the ONLY thing candidates are talking about in their campaigns.

For Virginia Foxx, it is just a miscellaneous item. If your husband just got killed in combat in Iraq and you need your Congresswoman's help in receiving the remains, you will need to select "miscellaneous" on her web form. This is just what Foxx thinks this war is - miscellaneous. You know, she supports the troops by avoiding talking about them.

As a member of a family with loved ones who served in Bush's war, it is incredibly disingenuous of Foxx to leave off the most important topic in the nation to contact her about. I guess we never should have looked to Congress for dignity.


-Sepp said...

As long as congress "gets theirs" they really don't care what we think...until the next election. Then it turns into "I feel your pain" style theatrics.