Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Neverending War

Lynn Woolsey (D--CA) was the first member of Congress to demand that Bush bring the troops home and is a co-founder of the "Out of Iraq Caucus". Of course, after the Democrats meek and disastrous capitulation, she's pissed:

“The American public voted Democrats into power for one simple reason - they trusted us to act boldly to hold this President accountable and to bring our troops home. So far we are failing the very trust that they have placed in us. But more importantly, every day that we allow this occupation to continue we are failing our brave young men and women who are serving honorably and professionally in Iraq. And we are failing their families here at home, who, while struggling to keep their lives and families together, are forced to worry whether their loved ones will come home alive, and if so in what condition.

“Today is not an opportunity to claim victory, or to give bellicose speeches for partisan gain. Today is an opportunity to grieve for the soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for this President’s failed Iraq policy, to stand by our nation’s sons and daughters who suffer through the irreparable physical and mental wounds of war, and to grieve for the lives that we will continue to lose so long as this President refuses to bring our troops home, and continues to send our young men and women to die for his failure.”

A tip of the hat to Nicole Belle at Crooks and Liars.


dhonig said...

Is this your own artwork? Is there more?

Anonymous said...

No, it's not. The "Bush as vampire" illustration is by famed comic book artist Alex Ross. I can only wish I was that talented.

dhonig said...

I wish I was too.