Tuesday, July 17, 2007

David Vitter and His Economic Policy

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Obviously Vitter is not so keen on getting or sustaining jobs for his constituents in Louisiana - unless of course they are Halliburton employees or in the National Guard. With those two groups he has no problem using for his political benefit. For Halliburton, he supported the no bid contracts Hallburton won for cleaning up after Katrina and the National Guard is a useful tool to continue his NeoCon fantasy of conquering the Middle East, well, just Middle Eastern oil.

He has not been an advocate of using local resources to rebuild Louisiana after Katrina or New Orleans. That thinking extends to other parts of his economic and foreign policy. He has supported the following anti-American trading bills:

Oman Free Trade Agreement
Chile Free Trade Agreement
Singapore Free Trade Agreement
Australia Free Trade Agreement
African Free Trade Agreement

Surprisingly, the only free trade bill he didn't support was CAFTA. According to his website, he writes about his lack of support due to fear of damaging the sugarcane industry. Ironically, the sugar and agricultural industry is one of his largest financial supporters.

Not once in his Senate Floor statements did he express any concerns about the impact of CAFTA on the American Middle Class, it is all about sugar - all sugar, all the time.

So why did Vitter claim he used DC prostitutes and not prostitutes from Louisiana? I think it is the old axiom, you don't eat where you shit.

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