Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Original Political Cartoon Round-Up

Cartoon of the Week (actually, about three weeks. I've been busy)

Every day liberal cartoonists are hard at work, doodling while avoiding their real jobs and responsibilities. Sometimes you see the results, and sometimes you don't. At Left 'Toon Lane we think a cartoon is worth a thousand words, and that sometimes the Bush Administration is so perfectly ironic that only a cartoon can capture the reality. This week seven different artists produced twelve different cartoons about today's politics. I hope you enjoy them, and that you'll come to Left 'Toon Lane, not just for the jokes, but for art and artists to punch up your own blogs and publications.

Note- the cartoon has been sized down to fit margin requirements, so visit
Left 'Toon Lane to see them best. And come to the Lane for all the new 'toons (I can't put things "below the break" here, and don't want to fill the whole page, but there are some tremendous cartoons this month. Don't miss them).