Monday, July 16, 2007

How the gay agenda is undermining the Republican Party.

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John McCain is a loser.

Not only has he gone through all his cash on hand, he may have gone through some of his "cash not on hand" and now has to raise money to pay creditors. Kinda like the way the Federal budget has been handled - the time-worn borrow and spend habits of the Republican Party.

But what is really tasteless is how the McCain camp is spinning their failure - the fault of gay sweaters.

In the final days of his imploding candidacy, John McCain has taken a page out of Richard Nixon's play book, finding increasingly bizarre explanations for his political failures. Strangest of all: He reportedly feels his handlers forced him to wear "gay sweaters."

According to one insider, the knit-picking was the crescendo of a tirade by the Arizona senator, in which he blistered aides about the minutiae of the campaign. While many septuagenarians live in a perpetual state of sweater weather, McCain reportedly declared his frustration with being told to don the perceived homosexual outerwear in order to look younger and more approachable.

But what really makes McCain the loser is his belief of specific types of sweaters, that give him a more youthful and approachable look, make him look "gay." It illustrates his true feelings toward the gay community which is nothing but bigotry and hatred.

However Giuliani's numbers are much higher than McCain's and Rudy has that whole cross-dressing thing going, which is not hurting that much in the fund raising department. Maybe the GOP has more tolerance for the occasional gender role fashion swap than they do for McCain's idiotic immigration policy, warmongering and Bush worship.

Maybe not. Again comparing McCain to Rudy we can say McCain is not gay enough.