Wednesday, February 20, 2008

But she has momentum!

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No, I am not calling for Hillary to quit, I am not calling for Hillary to give it up and endorse Obama, but I would like her to show that, she too, can change course, change strategy when it is obvious that what she is doing is not working.

For the last seven, painful, regrettable, horrid years, we have seen Bush stick with whatever his original strategy was and never waver course, regardless of what the facts are. Stubbornness is not a virtue in my eyes, it is a sign of weakness and possible psychopathic behavior.

So, will Hillary change course? Will she dodge, tack, and find new ground by adopting a new campaign strategy? I have no idea.

For someone who claims to embrace change, she seems to find it difficult to change course when the reality around her shows what she is doing is not working.

Cause you know, it worked so well for Rudy.