Friday, March 7, 2008

Hillary Ain’t No Obama

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I just do not understand why Hillary sounds so hollow and insincere. When she is on the stump, her presentation lacks passion and conviction.

So why is she still in the race? I think it is the politics of fear and dirty tricks. The 3AM phone commercial is an example of how she rolls. She doesn't try to convince you she is good, she tries to scare the hell out of you. Always insinuating what will happen when a Black man is in charge.

She even claims McCain will make a fine Commander in Chief but Obama will be totally inept at it.

The longer the campaign continues, Hillary shows just how far she is willing to sink to win the nomination. In this aspect, she is no different from Rove and Bush. Bush showed how low he was willing to go to defeat McCain in 2000 and again against Kerry in 2004.

If you ask me, with that kind of track record, Hillary Clinton is not fit for office.