Monday, March 3, 2008

Was it Bill or Hillary?

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Bill is slick and I mean that as a compliment. He has to be one of the most effective politicians of the 20th century. Even the folks who hate him the most always admit that Bill has uncanny political skills.

Bill could take any bad news and turn it into a golden ray of sunshine that you bought into and placed on your mantle - right next to the grandkids.

But we often wondered if it was Bill who was the political mastermind or Hillary? Was it really Hillary who was the one moving the Clinton Machine forward, over seemingly insurmountable obstacles?

While sitting around the dinner table during the holidays - over the years I have heard it explained that Bill and Hillary are the same. I used to agree with this idea, but no longer. Bill is more akin to Obama in his ability to communicate than Hillary ever will. Bill could take any microphone, at any rally where it was raining, snowing or bitter cold and somehow cheer people up - give them a glimpse to a more perfect future.

Hillary not so much. As much as she tries, as much effort as she puts into campaign, I have never had her inspire me to do anything except drop my support for her. Her campaign's tumbledown started almost a year ago in Selma and has failed to move people ever since. Yes, she has her core supporters, but there is a movement afoot and she is not at the middle of it. Obama is.

Tomorrow will tell the tale. Texas and Ohio will deliver their results. We will need to wait and see how it all washes out.