Tuesday, April 10, 2007

As the Buckeye State Turns

In February, Jerid, who is the current proprieter of Buckeye State Blog posted that BlogPac was offering to sponsor that site. In the interest of transparency, and because there had been some "bad blood" between Ohio bloggers and some of the "big box blogs", Jerid posted the details of that offer, and asked for feedback. A number of people did offer feedback, and, in the end, Jerid announced that he had decided to accept the offer of sponsorship, and explained his reasoning here.

The stage was set for today's episode when Bryan, also a front pager at Buckeye State Blog, wrote a post entitled, Who are Armstrong and Co. working for this time? The post, dated April 1, noted that Armstrong, Kos, and colleagues seemed to have come down pretty hard, in unison, on Barack Obama that weekend, and speculated about possible reasons for that seemingly united message.

Today's delightfully snarky post, Hey You Guys...Cut It Out...Y'all Made Jerome Armstrong Yell At Me reveals that "da Blogfather" Jerome is not happy about that post. (I'm guessing he wasn't happy about this one either.) After some snark, in both words and pictures, Jerid ends with this...

And on a completely serious note in the event that Jerome comes back around. Dude, honestly...don't throw out a comment like "trashing my own credibility" when folks question you and your motives. It just makes us snap back.

I'm one of the folks in Ohio that's most willing to let bygones be bygones because I think there is a role for the national folks in Ohio (albeit a closely watched role). That's part of the reason I signed up with BlogPac..tearing into each other constantly isn't positive for the movement. But man, expect folks to watch you and question what you're up to; that should be natural, and you should encourage it. Take moments like this one to let us know how we're wrong and what you're up to. You're responsible - at least as the impetus - for a lot of where the online movement's at right now, but that doesn't mean we're not going to come sniffing around your tree when, for whatever reason, we think we smell something funny.

Cut me and the rest of Ohio some slack. We got burned; some of us still smell that.

Good for Jerid. He didn't post the content of Jerome's letter, but in posting about it offered continued transparency, which I agree is important. Me, I think I'm in the mood for some of this...

Update: Bryan responds with "Our Blogfather". Heh.