Monday, April 9, 2007



African American Political Pundit says:

Ok Are you getting tired of this racist garbage coming out of broadcasters, politicans, entertainers and alike about black men, black women, black people. Not a month can go by without some moron saying something about black women, black men or black kids.

And its just not black folks wondering how long media will be allowed to go on like this. There is a Multi-racial Media Critique Coming Together on Imus.

Hundreds of African American bloggers such as Jack and Jill Politics, Anderson@Large, Oliver Willis, Politopics, Where is the Outrage have candid comments about the ignorImus.

The folks at are wondering do we really live in a country where we can’t call a group of black lady b-ballers “nappy-headed ho’s” and keep our jobs?

Yet, as Gossip. com notes, Don Imus’ Racial Insults Anger Black Leaders, Boost Ratings, Pave Way for Cash Bonus


Now with a slap of the hand (if it’s that) - MSNBC suspends Imus simulcast for two weeks.

Here is an example of the type of conversation I vision between Imus and his MSNBC Executive boss:

Executive: Imus, great job, Ratings are up dude. This is better than the insults regarding Hillary Clinton. This is news all the way over in Australia Our advertisers are OK they are not saying anything, this is Ok, your all right dude. Listen Imus, your HOT, You have 2,074 news articles on Google dude

Your hot Imus, your hot. Hey, don’t worry about the blacks this will blow over like all the rest of the insults we lay on them. Imus, dude those black leaders can’t even get themselves together they don’t even have a real NAACP dude, and those leaders are getting old dude, no one listens to Al Sharpton and Jesse no more. But I like how you went on that Sharpton guys talk show kissing up. I think it just might have worked, at least with your white audience.
Imus, just chill out for a few weeks take a vacation, we’ll say we suspended you. Don’t worry man your good. Hey when you come back we can line up some politicans like Hillary and Obama to come on your show. You can apologize to Hillary and Obama too!

Imus: Hey, what was the big deal about calling some black girls nappy headed ho’s. Those rappers say it everyday. Does Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson do anything about the record industry? F them.


CapCity said...

I agree - the ratings for that show have gone WAYYY up! I didn't even know who that clown was before all of this! angry that it's seeped under my rock where I've been working/reading/writing blissfully:-)