Monday, April 9, 2007

Missing: one rat's ass

I'm missing something right now, people. I'm missing one of these.

Yes, it's a rat's ass. It's symbolic of the fact that at the moment I just can't bring myself to give a rat's ass about anything political. I think a lot of us have those moments--some of them last longer than others--where we just don't feel *into* the whole activist thing. Unmotivated. And if I'm not motivated, the inspiration for writing just isn't there. And then I don't have something worth crossposting and linking to in an effort to get interesting posts on this blog in front of more sets of eyes.

And maybe some people coming by and actually leaving comments so that the people I've persuaded to post here actually know that their work is being read.

So really, this blog is something I care a lot about. Way more than just a rodent's hindquarters. But because of what I described above, I can't really translate that into action at the moment.

I've been in this place before as far as motivation and creativity. I'll even venture to say that most of us have, and we come to realize that "this too shall pass".