Sunday, April 29, 2007

Randall's Karma Got Run Over By His Dogma

Call it bad luck, God turning a blind eye to your value, karma, or the indifference of a vast universe, but for some people life is always going to be uglier than it should be, while other people get a free ride. If you're a priest, Nazi war criminal, baseball player, cop, rapist, ex-bank teller or the President of The United States, it really doesn't matter. What happens to you, bad or good, has nothing to do with your merits as a human being.

But sometimes justice happens, even if it’s by accident.

Just ask Randall L. Tobias, the deputy secretary of state responsible for U.S. foreign aid, who resigned after it was discovered he was a frequent customer at an upscale escort service allegedly involved in prostitution. Wait, it gets better. Remember, Tobias was an abstinence-only zealot who was also the ambassador for the President's Emergency Fund for AIDS Relief. Never mind unholy nonsense like sex education or condoms, just cross your legs and say a prayer.


Here are more details from ABC news via Think Progress:

ABC: Brian, I know you were the only reporter to talk to Tobias late this week before his resignation. What did you learn from him?

ROSS: Well, David, I talked to him one day before he resigned and told him that we had found his name and personal phone number on a list of clients of the so-called DC Madam’s escort service in Washington. And what he told me was that he in fact had been a customer of the service, but that he had not had sex. He had had what he called gals come over to his condo to give him a massage. He claimed there was no sex but that he was stunned by the fact that we were aware he was a client and that was his conversation. I asked him if he knew any of the young women, their names. He said he didn’t remember them at all. He said it was like ordering pizza.

Oh, Mr. Tobias? See Mark Foley and Ted Haggard over there? Get in line, please.