Friday, May 4, 2007



The first time I saw these bizarre photographs, I imagined an ad posted in the "Casual Encounters" section on craigslist: "Hi! I'm a bisexual, radioactively-enhanced Arachnid-American stud looking for freaky but open-minded humans. Let's have some hot 'n' sexy interspecies fun!"

From doing further research I learned they're posters for a safe sex campaign. (No, not in the United States, silly; it's in France. What's the chances of something this controversial and overtly sexual getting a green light here?) The subtext, of course, is: Be careful choosing your sexual partners because you never know what vermin you might pick up. Ewwwwww. O.K., maybe it's not subtle, but it's clever and I think it's sure as hell effective. Hey, whatever works. In spite of what disgraced hypocrites like Randall Tobias might think, Ignorance Isn't Bliss.

It's Deadly.

So don't forget those condoms, boys and girls.

Just leave the can of Raid at home.