Thursday, May 31, 2007

Race matters in America - The Channon Christian-Christopher Newsom Murders

Is this a case of Color Arousal that caused acts of violence. Why are black bloggers not reporting on this crime. Are bloggers like making good point, when she writes, If a young black couple in Knoxville, TN go out for a night on the town, but instead are viciously murdered - their bodies mutilated and burned, after being brutally gang raped, sodomized, and tortured at the hands of five white thugs. The story easily makes it onto the front page of the national news, right?

Or are bloggers trying to create more of a racial divide in America? or is it racism, in white and black?

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

The Channon Christian-Christopher Newsom Murders

National Media Blackout?In January of 2007, 21 year-old Channon Christian and her boyfriend, 23 year-old Christopher Newsom, were the victims of a horrific crime in Knoxville, Tennessee. During what appears to have started as a carjacking, the criminals decided to abduct the two and set in motion a disturbing series of events.

The suspects allegedly tortured and raped the young woman for several days before killing her. The young man’s life ended sooner but his treatment was no less brutal.

The amount of savagery that took place in this case is of such magnitude that bloggers and their readers are asking, “Where’s the national media?” What happened to these two young people is right up there with Jeff Dahmer’s deeds on the list of wicked things that people have done to each other.

So why isn’t the mainstream national media talking about it?

There are different theories as to why this may be so. Some believe that the media places such little value on our intelligence that they think all of us want to know every detail of Anna Nicole’s life and death or Britney’s latest shenanigans. Others think that the national media outlets are ignorant themselves– that they just don’t realize how interested America is in this case.

Is race a factor?

Still others see a more sinister hand at work. The suspects who have been apprehended for the horrific crime against those two young people are black; the victims were white. Many seem to think that the race of the alleged perpetrators is the issue.

Had the perpetrators been white, and the victims black, they say, the case would be all over the television and newspapers. Many cite the much-publicized dragging death of James Byrd, Jr. as an example.

Also troubling, according to some, is the contrast between the national media coverage of the alleged Duke rape case and this one. Visitors to the blogs I viewed also cited similarities between this case and the Wichita Massacre, a black-on-white rape/torture/murder in 2000, and other little-known cases as proof of a recent history of “blacking out” certain news stories. Read More HERE

The people pictured in the link below; car-jacked, then raped Christopher Newsom, cut off his penis, then set him on fire and fatally shot him several times while they forced his girlfriend, Channon Christian, to watch. An even more cruel fate awaited her!

Dr. Jim West had it right "In the blogosphere, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom are an indictment of mainstream media. On the Internet, they are a Wikipedia entry. Among white separatists, they are a tool. Within a racially divided America, they are a cause. That they are murder victims in a horrific Knoxville crime has gotten lost in all that noise."