Friday, June 1, 2007

John McCain - Contents Under Pressure

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I have been wanting to do a strip on the volatile nature of the 08 version of John McCain for some time, but I didn't know exactly how to draw the character. When he started explaining his foreign policies by singing filked versions of golden oldie tunes, it came to me.

The whole press conference where he was singing "Bomb Iran" wasn't Presidential unless you include Bush on that scale, then the curve bottoms out.

I believe cooler heads will need to prevail in the 08 election so we can exit Iraq. We have had enough of indiscriminate bombings in the Middle East, we don't need McCain to make the situation worse with his show tunes. Gak, an image just came to my mind of Rudy dancing the chorus line while McCain sings. That might have just ruined Broadway for me forever!

But we do need McCain to stay in the race, for nothing more than to push Fred Thompson's buttons. I quiver with excitement!