Friday, June 22, 2007

All that and "bad fashion decisions" too

Just found this via Plunderbund. The funny thing is that just last night I was writing a post touching on, among other things, whether bloggers should be considered "press".

"We didn't seed the presidential marketplace," says spokeswoman Tia Mattson. "We do have such a broad demographic that even though he's not a 'normal' consumer, he fits right into it: sporty, outdoorsy."
The president isn't a "normal" consumer--you don't say! This story was filed under "Top News" by the Washington Post.
Bush's decision to wear black socks with his Crocs was ill-considered. The combination makes one think of an old man on his way to the beach. Besides, the shoes were conceived for use on boats. The holes allow air to circulate and water to drain. And the non-slip bottoms offer stability. Pairing them with socks is a contradiction.
I just thought this was funny and decided to share. Would that we had a president who ONLY made bad decisions when it came to fashion...

Oh, and thank you, Washington Post, for getting us this scoop so that one of us bloggers didn't have to get out of our jammies to break that story!


Diane said...

Renee, hilarious!

he has bad sense in everything, not just clothes.

Diane W