Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Pawns of George W. Bush

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When it comes to Bush, he has an army at his disposal. I am not talking about the United States Armed Forces, I am talking about his army of pawns, which, apparently, now extend to the Democrats in Congress - and that reach has probably extended to there for quite some time - only we (the progressives) weren't too hot about admitting.

Pelosi and Reid, the shiniest of the Bush Pawn Collective, has successfully bogged themselves down in the investigation of Gonzales and the short term looks to be shaping up that the Gozales investigation will continue. Were they ever going to get to Katrina? Health care? How about the MOTHER-FUCKING war?

Ah yes, I went and asked the worst question I could. Where is the investigation into the war? Is it a problem of not knowing where to start? How about starting with the WMDs? Or Abu Ghraib? Or maybe the trillion other things that has gone wrong?

I want that investigation to start TODAY! Not tomorrow and I sure as Hell don't want to wait until Magic September when they tell us all will be well with the world.

Today. Because tomorrow, we may start the call for impeachment... of Pelosi and Reid.