Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can Gore save the Earth and John Edwards?

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I am truly saddened about Edwards' message not being as well embraced as I had hoped. He is running a vastly different campaign than I recall seeing before. He has made it a point to bring activism to the issues instead of the same tired message of "vote for me." I was especially impressed how he went to the mat on the war funding bill. His message of send it back was strong, well received and really did separate him from the rest of the hand wringers who waited to the last minute to vote "no" on the funding bill.

The activism thing is the part of Edwards that reminds me of Gore. Gore has obviously been against the war from the start and has undertaken a great many activities to bring awareness to global climate change.

So if Gore were to run, would Edwards make a good match? Would Gore even pick Edwards? If offered, would Edwards sign on for the second seat again?