Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 Billion

Nancy Pelosi crunches the numbers:

"Think about what $10 billion a month would mean to protecting Americans from terrorism, improving security at our ports and airports, and increasing border security. Think about what $10 billion a month would mean for the 47 million Americans who don’t have health insurance, for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and for the education of our children. Think about what $10 billion a month would mean to lowering the deficit so that future generations are not burdened with debt.

"The American people are outraged at the Bush Administration’s misplaced priorities -- that is why Congress will hold the Administration accountable with votes this month to end the war and redeploy the troops. This will include a vote on legislation to begin redeployment of our troops within 120 days and to conclude by April 1, 2008, with the exception of those remaining in Iraq to fight terrorists and protect our diplomats.

"The date-certain legislation gives our Republican colleagues another opportunity to join Democrats in heeding the wishes of the American people, who want to wind down this war and bring our troops home."

Reality: Ten billion dollars a month. Think about how many schools could be built with that money. Hospitals. Museums. Libraries. We could send every child in the United States to college. Rebuild the railroads. Finance national health care.

George Bush's 28%: Fuck that. We're America. That would be socialist bullshit. Charity. Let's get those lazy Cadillac-driving welfare queens instead!

Reality: Here. This is yours.

George Bush's 28%: Huh? What's this?

Reality: The bill.