Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another Michael Moore Fan Is Born

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I saw Moore on Wolf Blitzer last night and what a show! Moore didn't give Blitzer any place to run and hide, but above and beyond the issue of SiCKO, I think Mike was speaking for the rest of us. "Where has the mainstream media been?"

The string of lies and obstruction of justice for this White House goes all the way back to before BushCo took the oath of office (he even broke that in no time) and the MSM is now just starting to crack its eyes open and ask a hard question or two. With the exception of Lou Dobbs and Keith Olbermann, the media continues to chat about mostly nothing.

Here is something to think about. Take all of what I have said and all you have seen from this administration, take the malpractice of the mainstream media for the last 6 and a half years - take it all in and thin about it. Now imagine life and this culture WITHOUT blogs. What would you have? How hard of a life would we be living? Without the constant watchdogs in the blogosphere, what more would BushCo have gotten by with? How much farther would they have gotten without us?

Would we know about the secret prisons, non-existent WMDs, Abu Ghraib, Walter Reed, no bid contracts, Gonzo Gate? What about Katrina?

Would we even know about Michael Moore?