Thursday, July 12, 2007

US Army - The Death Sentence

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Recruiting goals are still not being met, mostly blamed on the fact that April through June was the heaviest causality months in the war so far. Stop-Loss, a policy that prevents soldiers who have served honorably to leave service if their time is up or to retire, is actively enforced. Some soldiers are being prevented from retiring!

From the Army Times:

Questioned by Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., on the continued use and effects of stop loss, the policy under which the Army retains soldiers beyond their separation and retirement dates, Geren said there were 8,000 soldiers on stop loss and by the end of the year there would be about 6,000.

Americans, I think, can see through the smoke screen and they know, at least parents know that once you are in Bush's Army, there are two ways out - Walter Reed, or in a cheap coffin shipped air freight.

Except one solider is suing...

A Port St. Lucie Army reservist plans to sue the military after being ordered to report for a fifth deployment.

Twenty-six-year old Erik Botta signed up for the service days after the September Eleventh attacks. He did a tour in Afghanistan and three in Iraq, but he says enough is enough.

Botta plans to file suit this week asking for an exemption or delay so he can complete his engineering studies.

Since Cheney is his own branch of government, his five deferments are fine and dandy.

And somehow, I am supposed to believe this supports the troops?