Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Daily Pulse- Foreign Edition

The Daily Pulse is a regular survey of editorial content you might not usually see. We don't look at the New York Times or the Washington Post. You already have those saved in your Bookmarks. Instead, we look at The Bolivar Commercial or The New Haven Ledger. Why? Because those editorials, local columns, and letters to the editor tell you what real people are thinking about and talking about. And sometimes, we wander past our borders to see what OTHER people are thinking about and talking about. Today, The Daily Pulse goes north and south of the border, looking at (English language) editorial pages.

We are also looking for contributors. I would give a minor body part for somebody willing to do a weekly survey of American Spanish-language papers, interpreting the highlights with some commentary. Also, a European survey, an Asian survey, perhaps alternative papers (GLBT, African American, Jewish, Lithuanian, etc.). Let me know if you're interested. And, without further ado, the Pulse across our borders.

To see the rest, go to The Daily Pulse (too long for a front page).