Friday, January 11, 2008

I still have a dream and Hillary ain’t in it.

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Many in the blogosphere just simply do not believe someone would say...

I can’t believe we have to vote for Hillary to keep the nigger out of the White House.

But that is the reality of racism in America. Yes, we have made great strides and the younger generation cares less about race than the older generations. But this divide I think is being overlooked from a demographic and message standpoint.

Whether you believe Hillary cried or became teary on the campaign trail, whether you believe it was staged or legitimate, it was a risky campaign move. Remember back in March of 2007 when Hillary crashed Obama's campaign in Selma? It was not looked warmly upon by the Black community in general, she looked like an opportunist. Then during a speech, she adopted a fake accent and tried to recite Rev. James Cleveland's hymn "I do not feel noways tired." When I heard that I half way expected the next thing to come out of her mouth to be "don't trust whitey."

The general population seems to believe Hillary cried to win New Hampshire. If you are Black, you may see it differently - you may see that she cried to beat a Black man.

MLK took a lot of abuse and ultimately died so people like Barack Obama could have equal rights and hold public office. The Black experience in America is paved with real tears, pain, abuse and murder. The younger you are, the less you care about color and that is Obama's key demographic. Hillary's is the older generation and they care a lot more about race than the youth do. But the older Black generation remembers Selma.

They remember the tear gas.