Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary vs Obama: What’s Christian Fascist To Do?

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Sometimes when I walk down to the local redneck corner store, some of the things I hear from the patrons make me cringe. (I really need to STOP supporting the local economy if this is what I have to suffer through) Today was no different. Here is the money quote:

I can't believe we have to vote for Hillary to keep the nigger out of the White House.

This comes from the same redneck patron I blogged about last year who believes all Arabs need to be killed "Auschwitz style."

There was some discussion by the punditry last night wondering since the vote in Iowa was public and New Hampshire was private - is a Hillary win in NH evidence of racism? Well, in some corners of the country that is a true statement.

If there is anything we have learned from Bill Clinton's administration, it is that the Religious Right hates Hillary with a blind vengeance. So much for peace and love. I don't think that hatred has disappeared at all. But I am a believer of karma and you know, this election must be killing the hate-mongers. On one hand you have a candidate who is black and the other candidate is Hillary. When both candidates are objects of your hatred, scorn and ridicule, what do you do? How do you decide? Who do you hate most?

Say what you will about Hillary and here "emotional episode" I think that strategy worked (and of course, the media rode it like a mule). However, Hillary can't do that again. You can only use the "crying card" once. After that, it gets real old, real quick.

In the delegate count (the thing that really matters in the primaries) Obama is still in the lead and Hillary is in a very close second, but Edwards is still in there with a SOLID third place with just 7 delegates away from overcoming Obama. During the live threads on Daily Kos, I saw calls from the Obama supporters demanding Edwards quit NOW. You must be kidding? Why on Earth would Edwards quit now? He may be a king (or queen) maker and he may still win. This election is shaping up to be different. It just might be that all the states will finally have a voice in the election. With the season front-loaded with a lot of primaries and Tsunami Tuesday just weeks away, who knows what will happen. One thing I do know, the pundits are clueless. I do not believe they (cough, Russert, cough) are used to critical thinking.