Thursday, January 10, 2008

PROOF: George W Bush Is An Anti-Semite!

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Before you get too wound up and think this is some Zionist rant, it is not. Keep reading...

While we were watching the "crying card" being played out in New Hampshire, while we were listening to pundits who were out to lunch on "election polling," while we were watching the election results, George Bush was up to something... something HE HAS NEVER DONE IN THE SEVEN YEARS HE WAS IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!!. George W. Bush flew to Israel. Yep, Bush has gone this long without ever visiting Israel.

How did they get so lucky?

We have suffered under Bush for seven long, agonizing years. Bush illustrates for us DAILY how much he hates us. After Katrina, he flew to New Orleans to lie to us and show us how much disdain, disrespect and hatred he has for Americans.

Bush's visit to Israel is under the guise of Middle East peace. You gotta be kidding me! Bush is THE MASTER ARCHITECT of Middle East war, not peace. Maybe this "Middle East peace" thing he keeps talking about is something he wants to get rid of. Maybe...

I am here to talk about Middle East peace. You got too much of it, we gotta get rid of it. There is not profit in it for the United States. This peace business has got to go. Ask Dick if it is time to release the fake Iranian gunboat footage...

Yep. THAT sounds more like Bush's Middle East peace plan - kill it off entirely.

Bush didn't go to Israel because he likes Israelis or like Jews, nope, he went there because he hates them. He went there to spread his message of doom, war, pain and death.

If he liked Jews, he wouldn't have gone to THEIR HOMELAND and threaten Iran - a Muslim country.

The only bright side in all of this was Bush is OUT of our country... at least for a little while.

A very little while.