Monday, April 2, 2007

duncan black wants to shoot liberal blogger in the face

that's sad. especially because, apparently, the blogger that atrios wants to shoot in the face wasn't really whining about blogrolls, but was simply commenting on the whole blogroll amnesty day phenomenon, albeit in a wide-ranging and thoughtful manner; that is to say, inspecting the issue from all sides.

(we find it amusing that terrance's post on amnesty day quotes skippy’s site quite a bit to illustrate the one side of the argument that favors big blogrolls; we would think that if duncan wanted to shoot anyone in the face, it would be skippy, and not terrance, who goes on to present the other side of the argument quite thoroghly, too. well, shoot the messenger, and all that.)

apparently, in keeping with jon swift's original assessment of blogroll amnesty day, duncan reverts to a decidedly conservative response when confronted with an opposing opinion. that's too bad.

we would posit that if the original blogroll purge, and blogrolls in themselves, were of such unimportance (as stated by those who supported the purge), then duncan is guilty of supreme over-reacting.

(caveat: we know that duncan didn't really shoot terrance in the face, nor does he actually want to. but if it's so unimiportant, why does the discussion of amnesty day by other blogs who are not in the atrios sphere of influence elicit such an extreme reaction by duncan? doth the lady protest too much?)

thanks and a tip of the kangaroo tail to jon swift who alerted us to the cheney-like desires of duncan.


Renee in Ohio said...

Maybe Duncan didn't get cuddled enough by his mama and papa Atrios.

Anonymous said...

It's actually a pretty conservative response in a way. The "authorities" (at least as it's defined by Technorati) must not be questioned. The status quo must not be challenged. Everything on "our side" is as it should be, fine the way it is, or as good as it's going to get.

And the little post with it's "go flame this person" subtext for his minions is very Malkin-like in some ways.