Monday, April 2, 2007

Tell us about your childhood, Duncan

I'm confused. Atrios, aka Duncan, is *far* too important to even acknowledge the existence of the mere mortals of the blogging world. Yet he does. He saw fit to write about my "I can't believe it's not a meritocracy" post, although I didn't know it until Maryscott posted about what he'd said. And today I find out from skippy that he popped off a one liner about Terrance's thoughtful post which delved into the psychology/sociology of the linking issue, blogger caste system, etc.

Interesting. Veeeery interesting. Why should it matter to Duncan if some nobodies are saying stuff about him in their puny, insignificant, non-blogroll-worthy corners of cyberspace?

I decided to consult some professionals. I tried asking this guy, but he wasn't much help.

Duncan Black? Sorry--name doesn't ring a bell for me....

Alfred Adler thought the behavior was evidence of an inferiority complex.

John Watson said that was a load of poppycock. But he wasn't surprised that one of Freud's followers would come up with such nonsense. He said that Duncan's anger was clearly a conditioned emotional reaction. And while we were on that subject, Watson wanted me to remind everyone really *did* have every intention of curing the experimentally induced phobia of that little Albert kid. And he would have, too, if Albert's mom hadn't freaked out and disappeared with the boy.

Albert Bandura thought it had something to do with observational learning. Typical Bandura. But you never know--could be some backstory to the classic study that I'd never heard of before. Maybe Bobo made the June Cleaver-looking lady angry when he dissed her ideas about "blogroll amnesty". So naturally she felt compelled to beat the crap out of him. And when the little kids saw her do that, well, "monkey see, monkey do".

Albert Maslow didn't know for sure, but he was pretty clear on the fact that people who are truly self actualized don't engage in such dickish behavior on a regular basis.

And speaking of dicks, I thought I should round out this imaginary discussion by checking in with someone who always seemed to be thinking about them.

Hey! Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

Sorry, Sig. I probably have some aggressive feelings towards you because of all that misogynistic crap you subjected us to over the years and I'm sublimating, or something.

Oh, you don't mind if I call you Sig, do you? 'Course not. You're dead. And I'm making all of this up.

But if we were able to ask Sigmund Freud about why Duncan gets so upset when he learns that the peasants are speaking his name in tones other than awe and reverence, what might he say? Maybe he'd explain it as an overactive id. Or maybe he'd say Duncan is identifying with his father--a healthy outcome of the phallic stage. Or that the behavior is some form of defense mechanism.

Maybe some people are just schmucks and you shouldn't spend too much time worrying about them.

Huh? Who said that? Was that you, Sig?

No wait--that was me!

But that makes a lot of sense. I really should listen to me more often...


Anonymous said...

Hello.. It must be a bitch to be Atrios and think the entire blogosphere is his burden to weigh.

Well, I'm doing just fine without him, thank you, and apparently so do many others.