Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Obama responds to claims that he "caved" to Bush

From the Union Leader:

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama says he has not softened his position on Iraq, despite suggestions to the contrary from other presidential camps and liberal blogs.

The Democratic presidential candidate took issue with a weekend report suggesting that he believes that if President George Bush vetoes a withdrawal bill, Congress should quickly provide full funding with no strings attached. Other campaigns privately pointed out the Associated Press report and questioned if Obama has changed his stance. The liberal blog Daily Kos carried a headline on Sunday stating, “Obama Caves to Bush.”
He said it would be unacceptable for Congress “to fold up tent because the President vetoed the bill.”
You can read the rest of the article here.

Bryan at Buckeye State Blog has weighed in here and here about the way some of the big names in the Democratic blogosphere were piling on Barack Obama yesterday.

P.S. How could I forget this? Sorry, Maryscott--I plead sleepy. I saw the article just as I was getting ready to go to bed, and wanted to get it posted. It was only after I'd posted the thing, as I was brushing my teeth, that I thought to myself, "Wait a minute--did that say "the liberal blog Daily Kos?"

It's NOT A LIBERAL BLOG! Everybody who's paying attention knows that by now.


Maryscott OConnor said...

Right on!

You're damned right, it's not a LIBERAL blog.

Seems Atrios ain't no damned LIBERAL blog, neither -- given that pleasant statement of his to which you linked earlier -- Terrance;'s post about Blogroll Amnesty Day made Duncan want to SHOOT HIM IN THE FACE???

Get real, motherfucker. I mean, holy fuck, what kind of arrogant, sleazeball fuckwit IS this guy, anyway? I am SO glad I didn't meet him at YKos; I'd have stumbled over my desire to give people I've actually MET an extra fair shake and all that jazz...

I've decided there is simply no point in trying any longer to even TRY to affect raprocchement: it is observable fact that the Big Boys of Blogging's supercilious, disingenous refusal to acknowledge that there ARE hierarchies in Left Blogtopia (y!sctp!) is part of their "Shut the Gates!" strategy.

If, you see, you refuse to acknowledge that you are the A-List, and therefore have power in the blogosphere, then you also do not have to admit that you USE that power, and that the ways in which you use that power are mostly self-serving and solipsistic, with little to no regard for the collective liberal blogging community.

Hmph -- yeah, it's late and I am all over he place -- typical me ater 5 days of little to no sleep. Yes, that is correct. For some reason, I find I cannot simply bounce back after a friend of mine posts his suicide note on the front page of my blog.

Go figure.