Monday, March 19, 2007

Between a iRack and a Hard Place

Even during the “glory years” with the Not Ready For Prime Time Players, I believed that Saturday Night Live just wasn’t that funny. Oh sure, there were always random moments of savage comedic brilliance, but most of the time I felt as though I needed a few shots and a bong hit for the jokes to work.

I thought shows like SCTV,, The Upright Citizens Brigade, In Living Color, The Kids in The Hall, and MADtv were much funnier. My laughter was genuine, spontaneous, and deserved.

And MADtv illustrates how good it is with a comedy sketch that satirizes both Steve Jobs and the War in Iraq. It’s intelligent, well-crafted, ruthless in its’ logic, and doesn’t overstay its’ welcome. Only the humorless disciples of the Cult of Mac wouldn’t find this textbook example of a perfect comedy routine funny, and even then I’ll bet a treacherous chuckle will sneak out when St. Jobs isn’t looking.