Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why the Religious Right Supports Bush

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Here is a true story.

A guy I worked with was a Christian, and in my mind he was a flaming right-wing Christian fanatical nutcase. He always ignored science in favor of Biblical teachings and he took it to a conspiratorial level. Of course global warming was bunk, evolution even more so because Jesus said so. Fossils in the ground? Placed there by the Devil. AIDS? A homosexual disease engineered by liberals to kill Christians. This is a 50 year old adult we are talking about.

I asked him why he voted for Bush. He said, with a cold, straight face, “To bring about the rapture.”

Once, after a pitch meeting in Santa Clara, I had the client ask me why the South voted against their economic interests by voting for Bush? I told them “to bring about the rapture.”

There was nothing you can do to fight that kind of stupidity.


That 28%-30% support for Bush? Those are the true nutcase believers.