Thursday, March 22, 2007

Republicans depend on good intelligence.

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Inhofe is a sterling example of what the GOP is, stupid, willfully ignorant and whiny. Yesterday's confrontation between Gore and Inhofe shows clearly who the adults are in the room.

From our friends at Grist:

First, he spent the beginning of the hearing whining about the rules, and whether Gore submitted his testimony in time, and whether he was going to get his full 15 minutes, and whether if Gore's answers were too long he'd get time added, and etc. etc.

Then when time came to question Gore, he started by demanding yes-or-no answers to charged and misleading questions. He repeatedly cut Gore off and talked over him. At one point he demanded that Gore respond in writing! Then he said verbal responses are OK if they're "brief." When Boxer tried to intervene to give Gore a little time to answer, he snapped and her and whined about not getting his full time.

Then -- the hacktacular coup de grace -- he asked Gore to sign a pledge to reduce his personal home energy use to that of an average American. As gimmicks go, this one would embarrass a high school student, but Inhofe's band of knuckle-draggers seems quite pleased with themselves. I'm sure there were frat boy back slaps all around.

But every time Gore tried to respond, Inhofe cut him off - typical of those who are unwilling to listen. They are only concerned with their agendas and have no care about America or its future.

When the bulk of Gore's message is that we are in a "true planetary emergency" one would hope all Senators would ask more poignant questions besides ones dealing Gore's electric bill.