Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It is time for some serious talk about impeachment

I saw the link to this video a couple days ago, I guess. I didn't finally decide to watch it until Maryscott O'Connor promoted it to the front page at My Left Wing, with these words

(Kucinich may not be the most convincing messenger we have to send out to middle America; then again, what the f*ck do I know about Middle America, anyway? Maybe this earnest little man, in his earnest, soft-spoken way, can reach those people who turn away at the first sound of the strident, shrieking, raging voices like mine...

Sadly, I think that his voice doesn't reach people at all. If it does, it comes filtered through the multi-millionaire media (hat tip to skippy) which "helpfully" provides the context by saying something about his "longshot bid" for the presidency.

So I guess I've been a bit cowed from even mentioning Kucinich, because I would need to brace for the inevitable derisive comments on some sites. Or, with Dean people, the topic of that deal he made with Edwards in 2004 in Iowa.

But, then I watched the video I included at the top of this post (transcript here). He's saying things that need to be said. Heck, at the beginning of the video, he says things that *I* have said, sitting at this very computer.

My fellow Americans. We are in an interesting condition in this country, where we are told to take impeachment off the table, and keep on the table a U.S. military attack against Iran.

I ask that you watch the video and/or read the transcript, and focus on the message rather than the messenger. And after you check out what Rep. Kucinich has to say about this moment in our nation's history, take a look at the tone of Bush's recent refusal to have his staff testify under oath. This is a man who is daring Congress to impeach him.

This isn't about supporting Dennis Kucinich's campaign. This is about drawing attention to someone who is saying something important, and adding our voices to his.

More discussion of the impeachment issue here: Impeachment on a Silver Platter--No Strings Attached!


Flirtin with Disaster said...

There is a lot of truth in what Rep. Kucinich says -- especially about the bizarre priorities to which we espouse in this country. I don't always agree with him, but I respect, first, his willingness to speak truth to power, and second, his very vociferous aversion to our wars of agression for profit and oil.

I think you're right in that Bush is daring the U.S. Congress to impeach him. But because of his blatant arrogance, it's really difficult to tell whether he's trying to bluff us or he's trying to ignite a constitutional crisis of such magnitude that it would enable him to declare martial law.

Myself, I believe it's the former. I may be wrong but I really do think that he knows the gig is up, so to speak, and that he really believes he can further intimidate Congress into submission. It's his last stand.

If I'm correct in my assumption, I do believe the time to call his bluff is well-nigh. We've set him back on his heels by calling attention to his subversions of our precious Constitution. If we are to contain and depose this monster -- now's the time.

I truly think that '08 will be a year of transition in America, and it won't be due to the election of a Democratic president but rather it will be the escalated spread of fascism, corporatocracy, or some conflated version of both.

It will not be pretty, folks. If we are to retain our 2-party-political-system, and at least a semblance of democracy in America.......

We must impeach.