Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"A terrifying message from Al Gore"

When I went to find the video of Al Gore's global warming testimony on You Tube, I noticed the video entitled "A terrifying message from Al Gore", which featured a cartoon Al Gore and Bender the robot from Futurama doing an ad for An Inconvenient Truth. And I remembered I'd transcribed that, complete with screen caps, a while back--for anyone who might not be able to view the video for whatever reason.


"Hello, I'm Al Gore, and I'm here to scare you about global warming. If we don't take immediate action, our planet, Earth, will become a deadly smog ball that chokes out all human life."

"Good! More beer for the robots!"

2D Al Gore goes on about the risks to the Earth, including noxious gasses...

...and then says "It's all in my movie."
Bender: You're in a movie? What do you play? A burned out cop? A streetwise pimp...?
Gore: (deadpan) Yes, I play a streetwise pimp with a hybrid pimpmobile.
Bender: Boooring!

Gore: It's not boring! I'm trying to save us all from certain death!
Bender: "Save us all from certain death." Less talk, more action!"
Gore: You want action? Here's some action!

Voiceover: An Inconvenient Truth. The movie that will make you feel like you should probably do something!

Gore: And don't forget to recycle!