Friday, March 23, 2007

Karl Rove WILL answer the subpoena!

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It just won't be the answer you want to hear. But it won't matter. I think if Karl Rove actually does testify, he will be just as evasive and belligerent as Inhofe was with Al Gore this past week. And Americans are getting very tired of the "blame someone else" tactic that spews like rat vomit out of the Bush White House. That crap is just played out.

Americans are sick of this war. Bush's poll numbers are lucky to get out of the 20's and we all want answers. And our list of unanswered questions gets longer ever day. And I hate to say this, but I am surprised that this is now the mood of the Nation. I fully expected for the Bush lovers to love him forever. Whenever the right wing latches on to someone like they did Reagan, they never let go. Kinda like ebola.

My other shock has been how cable news has been treating this story. For the most part, they have been giving BushCo grief over the bullshit deal the White House offered Congress. And to my utter shock, Chris "I bark at cars" Matthews has been beating the snot out of the White House position.

AND WHAT THEY HELL HAS HAPPENED TO SCARBOROUGH? Sweet Goddess in the tree, Joe has totally left the plantation and has called BS on the whole thing.

If you look back to a year ago, Congress was silent unless the Hammer was committing crimes. Who knows what Mark Foley was up to. And Bush was ripping the Constitution and the foundations of democracy to pieces.

And against all of this, the GOP still embrace their most corrupt with warm, moist kisses. Case in point, Tom "The Hammer" DeLay. Why he is even allowed on TV to push his nonsense anymore I beyond me.

If This Be Treason knocks it out of the park:

I suppose Mr. DeLay might think he has written a twentieth century Confessions of Saint Augustine. He tells of his early career in congress when he was a drunk and a philanderer. Like George Bush, he says he was saved, that he met Jesus.

It is strange to see this born again Christian on television. He is a gnome, a gargoyle, but he has gleaming white expensive new teeth, through which he lies shamelessly.

Over the last 10 weeks, the Dems in Congress have turned the Government upside down and is shaking it as much as they can.

All we can do now is watch all the cockroaches fall and hit the ground.